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Family Fun

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Araku Valley is a comparatively unexplored hill station mostly visited by locals as a weekend getaway and is situated some 120 kilometres away from Vishakhapatnam. If you're a tourist looking for exclusivity and tranquillity, Vistadome train leaves Vishakhapatnam at 6.50 AM, making way through 58 tunnels and passing over 84 bridges making way through the breathtaking landscape to reach Araku in approximately in 5 hours, go, catch that!

Located in the gentle hills of Eastern Ghats, Araku Valley is also home to a number of tribes as well. This valley is also home to a few tribal caves and the Museum of Tribal Arts, which are an experience in their own right. This destination is quite famous for its exquisite coffee, whose subtle aroma will have you craving for a cuppa. In addition to being a beautiful vista point, you can also try your hand at a number of adventure sports here, which include trekking and swimming as well. If a holiday to the hills is your call but you think you've seen it all, maybe you should to wait till you visit this one.

Family Fun

The Borra Caves or Borra Guhalu, as is known in the native language were discovered by William King George of the Geological Survey of India in 1807.

Located in the Araku Valley of Ananthagiri hills in the east coast of India, the caves reflect the culture of the people inhabiting the area as many legends are entwined with these caves which share the beliefs and faiths of the natives. One of the largest and the most profound cave formations in the country, these are karstic limestone structures exhibiting a variety of speleothems in all shapes and sizes, transporting you to the old age.

Water Falls

Katiki Waterfalls, Araku Valley Overview With the clear waters of river Gosthani, this place should be on your go-to list if you are in the area.

At the height of more than 100 ft, water gushes down the rocky terrains to create a serene, picturesque beauty to spend time with your family. However, the place is the best for adventure seekers as there is quite a long trek before one reaches the waterfall. It is for sure, a nature love's paradise where one can even opt for camping and bonfire.