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Apple Resorts

Delight your taste buds with a culinary delight at Four Seasons. We provide an ideal breakfast without sacrificing the taste and quality of the food.

Relishing breakfast on the beautiful morning of Araku is exhilarating for our guests. The selected menu is also available to choose from our special and variety of healthy breakfasts meals.

The impressive culinary spread at the resort, is outdone only by the breath-taking settings of its in house dining. Our intimate and personalized dining experiences are designed for those looking to relish their taste buds.

Our Special Dinning

Pick a room that best suits your taste and budget

Our Special Dishes in Araku, The most delicious variety food as below we have never eaten. We can enjoy eating comfortably and happily with all our family members. The below mentioned special dishes only attraction of this place only.

Traditional Tea

Araku coffee is a pure arabica with a rare aromatic profile combining smoothness, balance and roundness. It is created by our French coffeeologist Hippolyte Courty, guaranteeing utmost quality at each step, from the plantation to the cup.

Bamboo Chicken

Famous food in Araku valley of Bamboo chicken. It is an oil free and nutritionally rich dish. It is prepared by marinating chicken in spices, and then it is stuffed inside the bamboo stick. These bamboo sticks then placed on the fire to cook chicken.

Bamboo Biryani

Originally considered to be the traditional tribal cuisine delicacy of Araku Valley tribes near Vizag in the eastern part of Andhra Pradesh, bamboo biryani has donned many variations and flavours in the modern kitchens of major cities across India.

Our Menu

Pick a room that best suits your taste and budget

Breakfast is served from 7AM to 12PM


With Chutney & Sambar


With Chutney & Sambar


With Chutney & Sambar

Lunch is served from 12PM to 4PM

Vegetable Meals

Rice with curries & Sambar, Curd.


curry & Dal

Chicken Biryani

Curry & Rytha

Veg Biryani

palak Paneer & Rytha

Dinner is served from 7PM to 11PM


Masala Curry & Palak Paneer

Curd Rice

Veg Meals

Curries & Sambar, Curd